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Bearing in mind that, depending on the cause of the inflammation, doctors classify dermatitis into three types and also that we are all different and our skin will react in different ways compared to each other so there is no single “magical cure”

In an ideal world we would all be physically separated from coming into contact with any substance that is likely to irritate and damage our skin, but unfortunately the real world requires most of us to use or touch something that is likely to cause or exacerbate our skin problems and cause dermatitis.

Whether it be from some kind of leisure activity such as gardening or swimming or from our day to day life such as cooking, cleaning etc. And then start to think about working environments, builders, mechanics, factory work, doctors, nurses, hairdressers, farmers, postal workers etc etc……the list goes on and on.

Irritant contact dermatitis is triggered by exposure to a chemical that is poisonous (toxic) or irritating to human skin. It is not an allergic reaction. Of the three classifications this is the one that will often react quickly to any preventative measures.

Try to isolate and then avoid coming into contact with the substance that’s causing the problem. Often this is impractical so, if it is your hands that are suffering, the next step is to try different types of gloves that will protect you.

Unfortunately gloves are not always the answer as they can sometimes hinder whatever activity you are engaged in or, in some cases, make your skin condition even worse. The use of moisturiser at the end of any activity is always a good idea but there again that doesn't prevent the irritation occurring.

This is exactly where Derma Shield comes in. Because Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin despite repeated washing it is extremely effective. In fact in trials, success against skin problems such as dermatitis has been as high as 97%

Allergic contact dermatitis is an immune reaction that occurs only in people who are naturally oversensitive to certain chemicals. Often with this classification the first a sufferer know about the problem is long after the actual exposure took place for the first time.

As before, the first step is to try and isolate and then avoid coming into contact with the substance that’s causing the problem. Easier said than done, especially if the reaction is quite delayed and not life threatening.

A dermatologist patch testing your skin with various chemicals will often narrow your search to a type of substance but it can still be a long time before you can be certain of what exactly is causing the dermatitis.

In the meantime think about what area of your skin was affected and if it was your hands then start investigating what types of gloves will work best for you. At this stage it is also possible to start using Derma Shield both with and without gloves depending on the particular circumstances.

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema as it is commonly known, is a chronic, recurring inflammatory skin disease that can be very hard to live with.

Often with this classification your skin will erupt in different places anywhere on your body. As with the other two classifications the first steps are to isolate and protect yourself using gloves where appropriate.

Unfortunately sufferers are often reduced to just controlling the worst effects of the symptoms. If your condition plagues you with dry, flaky and itchy skin then the Aloe Vera in Derma Shield will break the itch, scratch, itch, cycle. Derma Shield will also protect your skin from most day to day external irritants that will cause your skin to flare up.

I fully appreciate, not only the physical aspects of having a condition such as dermatitis, but also the emotional impact the condition has on you and your family.

Users constantly tell me how their quality of life has greatly improved since using Derma Shield. It has relieved the pain and constant suffering that they endure and they are no longer embarrassed and self conscious about their dermatitis damaged skin.

Cure for contact dermatitis

90 day money back guarantee

Dermashield is guaranteed to effectively treat your dermatitis condition or we will refund your money

As one of our customers said:

My husband Garry has been trying out Derma Shield. He has a skin allergy to Pine Derivatives so handling glue, adhesive tape, rough paper, cardboard all irritate his skin. He has used double base creams followed by steroid creams to overcome an irritation when it erupts. He has tried various types of gloves but cotton gloves make it cumbersome to handle goods and latex gloves are made of rubber therefore irritate his skin!

Previous to purchasing your product my husband had just been prescribed a thick grease for night time use as his double base and steroid cream were helping but not actually getting on top of his hand problem. His palm skin is quite thin due to use of steroid cream which means it splits and cracks and is very difficult to allow to heal.

I trawled the Internet and came across your product.

Wow and wow again! Garry's palms are now healed. He has much improved use of his hands and can flex them without his palms splitting. They no longer feel dry and itchy. Thanks.

J.J. of Oldham, 4th September 2011

Best wishes.


Peter Friswell




What is Derma Shield?
Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin from skin problems like dermatitis. One application will last up to 5 hours despite repeated washing! More?

How does Derma Shield work?
Derma Shield is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E are absorbed. Then Derma Shield forms a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin to stop dermatitis. More?

How safe is Derma Shield?
We manufacture Derma Shield under pharmaceutical conditions using only the finest ingredients that are chosen for both their effectiveness in dealing with skin conditions such as dermatitis and their gentle action on your skin. More?

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