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Medical proof


As I stated on the home page Derma Shield is not a quack cure that I make up in my shed! It's medically proven to work against dermatitis and below I have detailed just some of that proof.

For legal reasons I am not allowed to name the hospitals or give explicit details of the testers. Please be assured though that your interests are protected by a very nice of group of people at Trading Standards. Put quite bluntly; if I lie or mislead you they come and put a huge padlock on the front door and bury me in very expensive paperwork!

So here is the summary of the trials:

  • 82% showed improvement in their skin condition
  • 64% noted significant improvement in their skin condition
  • 81% of those with prior skin complaints reported improvement in their skin condition
  • 71% of those with prior skin conditions noticed significant improvement in their skin condition
  • 79% reported the effectiveness of Derma Shield as better than those methods used prior to the trial
  • 68% believed Derma Shield easier to apply than products used prior to the trial

Pretty impressive results don't you think!

I have attended exhibitions and events for years and one question that often gets asked is "If its so good at curing dermatitis why isn't Derma Shield available in all the big stores". A fair question and the answer is straight forward.

In a previous career I worked for a large company where I felt removed from the people who were my customers. I left that company with a firm commitment never again to work in an organisation that wouldn't allow me to talk directly with my customers.

When I started this company I stuck with that decision and I still get goose bumps when I talk to a customer who tells me how Derma Shield has helped them or someone they care about. So, instead of selling Derma Shield through large stores I use the power of recommendation to promote Derma Shield

I am passionate about Derma Shield and how it helps people with skin problems like dermatitis.

Try it for yourself and find out what thousands of people already know; Derma Shield solves skin problems like dermatitis.

I look forward to welcoming you to the "family" of Derma Shield users.

Best wishes


Peter Friswell



What is Derma Shield?
Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin from skin problems like dermatitis. One application will last up to 5 hours despite repeated washing! More?

How does Derma Shield work?
Derma Shield is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E are absorbed. Then Derma Shield forms a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin to stop dermatitis. More?

How safe is Derma Shield?
We manufacture Derma Shield under pharmaceutical conditions using only the finest ingredients that are chosen for both their effectiveness in dealing with skin conditions such as dermatitis and their gentle action on your skin. More?

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