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How your skin works


Your skin is your largest eliminatory and receptor organ. It continuously releases toxins, such as carbon dioxide, uric acid and dead bacteria, produced by your inner cells, as well as water through the pores. At the same time, your skin absorbs, to various degrees, what is applied on it.

Your skin selectively allows certain substances to enter your body through the pores and lets these substances into the inner workings of your cells

Your skin regulates your body temperature, forms a physical barrier against injury and infection. It protects your internal organs against external factors and dangers such as bacteria and harmful sunlight.

Your skin also plays an indispensable role in regulating your temperature. To keep it at the optimal 38 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), it secretes sweat, and then evaporates from bare skin, cooling it.

With such an essential role surely it is worth looking after your skin – it has to last a lifetime. Healthy skin is very effective as a first line of defence, but in the present environment where harsh chemicals, dyes, fuels, lubricants, paints, water and pollutants etc. are such an integral part of everyday life, the skin can surely use a little help in doing its job. Derma Shield helps maintain healthy skin by, moisturising nurturing and protecting your skin from everyday substances that will cause skin problems such as dermatitis.

Derma Shield forms a microscopic mesh over your skin that blocks skin irritants and harmful substances that can exacerbate skin complaints and will protect it from contact with irritant substances, yet still allow it to breathe and perspire normally. Your skin will not feel greasy and you will not lose your sense of touch.

Cure for dermatitis

90 day money back guarantee

Dermashield is guaranteed to effectively treat your dermatitis condition or we will refund your money

As one of our customers said:

My right hand was at desperation point, it looked like it had been dipped in acid and was all red and looked like it had been burnt. It was constantly itchy and started to weep in different parts of my fingers and all in all, I was very embarrassed with it and wanted to hide my hand!

I was looking for information on contact dermatitis and had tried many different creams in the past including Epaderm, Aveeno, Aqueous cream, steroid creams and nothing seemed to work. I came across Derma Shield whilst looking for more info on Contact Dermatitis and thought the price for the small can was very reasonable and worth a try. I was so pleased with the results! I've just used it for one week now and my hand is now looking normal and I can straighten it out without it feeling like all the skin is going to crack.

I am very impressed with it and going to buy more. Thank you, it has been an incredible find.

N.J. of Hampshire, 6th November 2011

Derma shield will sink into your skin and release nutrients, which will help to nurture and protect your skin, retaining moisture and suppleness, and alleviating dry cracked, chapped, sore skin.

Once applied Derma Shield will stay on your skin for 4 to 5 hours despite repeated washing. You don’t have to worry about removing it, as it will come off as your skin naturally sheds.

I fully appreciate, not only the physical aspects of having a condition such as dermatitis, but also the emotional impact the condition has on you and your family. That is why I manufacture Derma Shield. I passionately believe that dermatitis sufferers deserve the best treatment and care possible at affordable prices.

Users constantly tell me that their quality of life has greatly improved since using Derma Shield. It has relieved the pain and constant suffering that they endure, and they are no longer embarrassed and self conscious about their dermatitis damaged skin.

Thousands of people can't all be wrong. Try Derma Shield for yourself and you will quickly see an improvement in your skin dermatitis. And remember it comes with a 90 day, no quibble, money back guarantee!

Best wishes


Peter Friswell



What is Derma Shield?
Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin from skin problems like dermatitis. One application will last up to 5 hours despite repeated washing! More?

How does Derma Shield work?
Derma Shield is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E are absorbed. Then Derma Shield forms a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin to stop dermatitis. More?

How safe is Derma Shield?
We manufacture Derma Shield under pharmaceutical conditions using only the finest ingredients that are chosen for both their effectiveness in dealing with skin conditions such as dermatitis and their gentle action on your skin. More?

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