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Dermatitis in your home


Like most people in the UK I have children and I will do anything to stop them from being in pain. Fortunately none of my four children suffer with eczema but as an eczema sufferer myself I really feel for those parents I have met and spoken to who have children that suffer with skin problems such as dermatitis.

Whether it's the toddler who has a teething rash from dribbling, or a sore bottom I feel so privileged to be one of the people who, through manufacturing Derma Shield, has helped mum or dad to take the pain and discomfort away from their child.

As parents we all have an inbuilt ability to listen out for our children during the night. So when a parent has a child who whimpers through the night with the discomfort of a skin rash that is itching so much they scratch until they bleed. I know that when Derma Shield breaks the itch, scratch, itch cycle its not just the child who benefits. Mum and dad also get to relax again.

But its not just the children: I have attended many gardening exhibitions and seen keen gardeners with splits around the tops of their fingers that look so painful they would make a grown man cry and I know how it will affect the sufferers way of life. Derma Shield moisturises nurtures and protects the skin allowing you to get on with your gardening free of discomfort from dermatitis.

As my wife will testify I am not a keen DIY man. I do know though how messy the jobs are. Messy and damaging to the skin. Again Derma Shield will help by protecting your skin from substances that want to harm or cling to it. Chemicals like thinners or paint that are known to cause skin problems like dermatitis.

The examples I have given above are just the tip of the iceberg and I could go on for pages. I'm not going to, but the one I must mention is the most common of all.

Have a look inside your kitchen cupboard or wherever you keep your cleaning materials. Now have a close look at the small writing on each of the containers. Have you noticed how many of them give warnings about the damage the chemicals can do to your skin? The products we all use to keep our homes clean are the biggest single cause of dermatitis in the home. Derma Shield will solve this problem.

Cure for dermatitis

90 day money back guarantee

Dermashield is guaranteed to effectively treat your dermatitis condition or we will refund your money

As one of our customers said:

I am a mobile hairdresser and I suffer from contact dermatitis. You name it and I am allergic to it, from cleaning products, peeling vegetables, metals, wet wipes and of course chemicals from hairdressing, even plastics from combs and products I put on hair. I have to constantly wash my hands and then they will dry out. I wear gloves all the time and I am even allergic to them.

My hands are bad, they are cracked, itchy and bleeding. My doctor has advised me to give up my job but it is not just that it is everything in life really, even carrying carrier bags and holding money that starts the itching cycle and so on.

I have spent pounds and pounds on protecting my hands over the years even using aqueous cream for showering and washing etc. because I cannot use soaps or perfumes.

Then I found Derma Shield by browsing the Internet. It arrived so quickly and I started to use it straight away and to my amazement I was not allergic to it. After three weeks I can see a difference in my hands and they feel and look good. I am over the moon. I have ordered my second lot because I am paranoid to be without it now.

So thank you so much is all I can say and I will definitely be telling everyone about it.

T.C. of Bristol, 10th January 2011

Derma shield will sink into your skin and release nutrients, which will help to nurture and protect your skin, retaining moisture and suppleness, and alleviating dry cracked, chapped, sore skin that are typical symptoms of dermatitis.

Once applied Derma Shield will stay on your skin for 4 to 5 hours despite repeated washing. You don’t have to worry about removing it, as it will come off as your skin naturally sheds.

I fully appreciate, not only the physical aspects of having a condition such as dermatitis, but also the emotional impact the condition has on you and your family. That is why I manufacture Derma Shield. I passionately believe that dermatitis sufferers deserve the best treatment and care possible at affordable prices.

Users constantly tell me that their quality of life has greatly improved since using Derma Shield. It has relieved the pain and constant suffering that they endure, and they are no longer embarrassed and self conscious about their dermatitis damaged skin.

Thousands of people can't all be wrong. Try Derma Shield for yourself and you will quickly see an improvement in your skin dermatitis. And remember it comes with a 90 day, no quibble, money back guarantee!

Best wishes


Peter Friswell





What is Derma Shield?
Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin from skin problems like dermatitis. One application will last up to 5 hours despite repeated washing! More?

How does Derma Shield work?
Derma Shield is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E are absorbed. Then Derma Shield forms a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin to stop dermatitis. More?

How safe is Derma Shield?
We manufacture Derma Shield under pharmaceutical conditions using only the finest ingredients that are chosen for both their effectiveness in dealing with skin conditions such as dermatitis and their gentle action on your skin. More?

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